Dorset Wooliscroft Matt and Textured Porcelain

Flat White
Flat White Dorset Wooliscroft Tile

Luna White
Luna White Dorset Wooliscroft Tile

Textured Quartz
Textured Quartz Dorset Wooliscroft Tile

Pinhead White
Pinhead White Dorset Wooliscroft Tile

Tetra White
Tetra White Dorset Wooliscroft Tile

Multidisc White
Multidisc White Dorset Wooliscroft Tile

Dorset Wooliscroft by Oibá

The Dorset Woolliscroft Collection is a comprehensive range of quality, hard wearing, fully vitrified porcelain slip resistant floor tiles for internal and external use. Known also as Quarry tiles. Available in 7 colours.

Dorset Woolliscroft floor tiles and fittings have been developed with specific areas of usage in mind: dry/wet areas with heavy foot fall, wheeled traffic areas, weather exposed situations – in fact, wherever slip resistance qualities are essential. They offer exceptional performance and safety standards for industrial, commercial, leisure and domestic markets. The tiles all comply with and in most cases exceed recommended standards and building regulations after independent testing – so Dorset Woolliscroft tiles are your safest choice of floor tiles

Excellent performance in all problem areas around the home. Toilets, laundry, garages, slippery entrances, public access.

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