Advice on maintaing stone floors

  • Different Types of Ceramic Tiles.
  • Suitability and PEI ratings.
  • Slip resistance.

  • Differences in shade due to variations in kiln temperature and atmosphere when ceramic tiles are fired, are an unavoidable part of the manufacturing process, although our suppliers do their best to minimise this. We therefore ask that you open the boxes before fixing the material to the wall and mix the tiles to ensure that there is an acceptable blend, as we cannot accept any claims for shading once the material has been put on to the wall or floor.
Polished Porcelain Tiles
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Unsealed polished porcelain tiles have a wax coating applied before they leave the factory to prevent damage from scratching in transport and during fixing. This wax needs to be removed once the tiles have been fixed and grouted.

  • Please use a product such as Lithofin FZ Intensive Cleaner and follow the directions on the packaging to remove the wax and all other dirt and grout residues, before sealing the tiles with a suitable porcelain sealer. We recommend Lithofin FZ Protective Impregnator.
  • Nanowax Protective Film. Our range of Polished Porcelain tiles all come with a nanowax protective film. Most of this film will be removed by grouting. However you do need to ensure that it is completely removed before polishing the tiles. Please reapply a little more grout and then clean off. If this does not work please use a wax remover such as Lithofin Wax-Off.



Dorset Woolliscroft floor tiles and fittings have been developed with specific areas of usage in mind:

dry/wet areas with heavy foot fall, wheeled traffic areas, weather exposed situations – in fact, wherever slip resistance qualities are essential. They offer exceptional performance and safety standards for industrial, commercial, leisure and domestic markets. The tiles all comply with and in most cases exceed recommended standards and building regulations after independent testing – so Dorset Woolliscroft tiles are your safest choice of floor tiles



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